Friday, 7 January 2011

Some poetry

Good grief, it's 6 in the morning here. And thats the late 6, not the early 6. I need to be up early tomorrow too, for something i really shouldnt oversleep and miss!

But anyway, for some reason, this had to come out. I finished reading Sandman (and what a magnificent, sad ending it had. Read Sandman.), and lay down on my mattress early, then spent another hour or so tossing and turning.

This is because, for some reason, poems floated around in my head. I dabbled in the art a long time back, with mixed results, and hadnt thought about it since. But i really couldnt sleep.

So i got up, switched on the laptop, and started writing. The words just flowed. I know what its like to try and force words through writers block (it sucks incredibly), and this was the exact opposite of it. It was like the lines had no patience to be written.

Its not particularly good poetry, but i love the feeling you get when words just flow from your mind onto the paper (or screen, rather). It is, ofcourse, a lovey dovey poem, but what to do, i honestly had no say in the subject or the words. They all just came. And here it is.

Surprisingly relevant too, i must say.

"The Evening Stroll"

I went a stroll one pleasant dusky day,

My mind weighed down, troubled, in dismay.

For I had a problem, a tough little pearl,

And there were no answers to this certain girl.

So I said to the Sun, overseeing my path,

“Do I love her?”

He said: “Is she your light, does she warm your soul,

Would losing her be a fate unbearably crool?”

“Yes, yes, yes”, I returned, to the Sun in the sky

“Yet is that really love?”

There was no reply.

So I turned to the Moon, Sun’s sister in the heavens;

“Do I love her?”

She said: “Does she fill your nights with a soft glow,

And make you feel you’re in a dream and more?”

“Indeed she does”, sister Moon heard my cry

“Yet is that really love?”

There was no reply.

Next I met a fine strong Tree, tall and green and old.

“Do I love her?”

He said: “Is she your shade when the world is too hot,

Your place of refuge, full of green and gold a lot?”

“That she is”, and I told the Tree why.

“Yet is that really love?”

There was no reply.

Then I came across a Rock, rugged eroded and dull.

“Do I love her?”

There was silence and will be till the end.

For rocks don’t talk, my silly little friend.

Then I met a bright blue Bird, fluttering merrily around.

“Do I love her?”

He said: “Does she make you break into song,

Fly free and high all day long?”

“Perceptive you are,” I watched the Bird fly

“Yet is that really love?”

There was no reply.

Finally down came the Rain, torrential and fierce.

“Do I love her?”

She said: “Does she wash clean your heart and remove all strife,

Renewing and restoring all in your life?”

“Everyday!” I shouted, as I tried to keep dry

“Yet is that really love?”

But again, there was no reply.

Finally I was home, and in the Mirror where I’d been,

I saw a face none the wiser for all he had seen.

“Do I love her?” I asked, for the seventh time dead

I got a shrug; “You heard what they all said!”

“Yes, I did, But is it really love? I’ll never know, however hard I try.

Silence. “But does it matter?” finally came the last reply.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Have i blogged about this before?

Yes, i'm not dead. And neither is this blog!

Anywho i'm up here at no less than four in the morning, just coming off a long conversation on msn with this girl, that left me, frankly, quite a bit perturbed.

It was basically about moral standards, pertaining particularly to indecent clothing and that sort (something i actually cant recall if i've already covered in a previous post), and while i expected her to agree with me(cause she flirts with me, see!), i got quite the surprise when she told me how she felt.

Not that i dont respect other people's opinions. I respect LOGICAL opinions, opinions that can be argued for, and have been well though out. I cant abide opinions that arise from upbringing and culture (now that i've definitely blogged about), because if it's not well thought out, its moronic.

Anyway being too sleepy to actually type out my opinions this time, i'll just copy and paste my conversation with her.

You might notice i get a bit anal and whiny during the course of this conversation, especially towards the end, but thats just because i have very strong opinions on this matter. She seems a bit disinterested in my ranting, and who can blame her, it is rather late for this sort. But anyway i hope i made some sort of impact.

"Druid says:

haha definitly is


how short are the shortest shorts you have

out of curiousity


RandomChick says:

Haha.. Not very.. Mom doesnt like us wearing short shorts

Druid says:

haha why?

i'm doing a survey

so far

not including you

the answers have been very short


RandomChick says:

Haha.. Not very decent

Druid says:

haha what

the questions?

or the girls?

RandomChick says:

Lol, short shorts

Druid says:

haha i know

thats why i like em


but whats the definition of decent?

this is my serious conversation tone


RandomChick says:

Lol, erm, not decent's when ur showing more skin than u should?

Druid says:

and who says how much skin you should show?

RandomChick says:

But then again, i tease a lot n talk bout stuff i shouldn't, n thats not very decent either.. So yea..

Druid says:


no wait

answer the question

RandomChick says:

The skin?

Druid says:


RandomChick says:

Erm, i guess, its just not decent when ur pulling the wrong sort of attention to yourself

Druid says:



the wrong sort of attention, you say?

who's fault is the wrong sort of attention?

who is the person giving the attention?

RandomChick says:

The one attracting attention is at fault

Druid says:


thats like saying

if you're robbed

you're at fault for having stuff.

what kind of society blames the victim?

you can say tempting someone is bad

but what is having a nice car?

tempting someone to take it from you

but who gets thrown in jail

certainly not the tempter

RandomChick says:

Ur at fault if u flash ur stuff..

Druid says:

flash your stuff?

so you cant drive your car around?

problem is you - we actually- have been taught otherwise

and no one ever thinks to ask, why is attention bad?

if the girl wants it and the guy's willing to give it

whats so bad about it?

we're prisoners of our upbringing

RandomChick says:

Haha.. Slow down.. But yea, i agree, when sth gets stolen, the thief shouldn't be the only one caught

Druid says:

wait wait

you're saying that if something gets stolen

the person from whom its stolen from is equally to blame?

RandomChick says:

Only if they've been showing off, cos ppl always want what others hv.. So u cant blame them solely

Druid says:

haha so

your saying


since you've been playing around with me

if i were to force myself on you

you'd be at fault too?

RandomChick says:

Yes, definately

Druid says:


no way

its well within your right to show off

because there's no rule against showing off

its not a crime

it doesnt hurt anyone

it makes you feel good


we like, totally disagree on this

RandomChick says:

Haha, yea well, thats ur opinion.. Me, i think its equally my fault if sth happens.. So no.. No flashing, no showing off

Druid says:

so you'll be in the persecuting girls who do flash

in the group

i mean

so what would you say showing off is?

RandomChick says:

Haha.. Only if they behave like they've done nothing wrong when sth does happen

Druid says:

but they havent done anything wrong

RandomChick says:

Lol, how do i put it

Druid says:


cause the fact you'll eventually admit is that blatant double standards are practised

when sexuality is concerned, atleast

like for example

showing off your legs

too much?

RandomChick says:

Haha, see, when u show off say ur body, it means u want attention.. N u will get it, but not necessarily from the person u want.. So when u do get that attention from the wrong person, n u behave like u've been sexually violated, den really, its u who's at fault..

Druid says:

but why would you drive your nice car around?

naturally its all for attention

who doesnt crave attention?

people should have the right to look for attention they want without fear getting something they dont want

RandomChick says:

Yea it is for attention, but keep it moderate is all i'm saying

Druid says:


who defines moderate?

thats what i'm saying

the people defining it do their defining on abstract, completely arbitrary grounds, and then think themselves justified in applying these limits to other people

its like applying shariah law to a non muslim

who would agree to that?

of course to the muslim its perfectly reasonable

so like to you, moderate, which you have been brought up in, is perfectly reasonable

but to a non muslim its completely ridiculous

i.e. to anyone not raised in the same situation as you

i'm too serious for you, arent i?

RandomChick says:

Moderate so that ur not evoking jealousy or heavy duty lust or anything

Druid says:


there in lies the problem

you drive your posh car into my house and i wouldnt care for it

but you can simply tell another person about it, and they'd try to jack it off you

same with sexuality

you can walk naked in front of me

and i'd be very happy

but i wouldnt try to touch you

but you could be in a buurka and get raped

so its impossible to set a standard that doesnt evoke jealousy or lust

its impossible and unreasonable

you see

i get what you're saying

you're saying that if a person is flaunting their body

RandomChick says:

Hahah.. Very diff upbringing, u n i..

Druid says:

they're more culpable for a crime that happens


more culpable than say, someone fully covered that gets raped


RandomChick says:


Druid says:

so lets take an example

A = practically naked babe

B assaults said babe

C = buurka clad babe

D assualts C

so A is at fault herselft

because she tempted B



while as C is faultless

cause she didnt tempt anyone

and D was just an asshole


RandomChick says:

Kinda, unless, buurka's sexy where he n she comes from

Druid says:


no where considers a buurka sexy

no where

but lets say its not considered sexy

soo in this scenario

we blame D most of all

A and B equally

and C none at all


RandomChick says:


Druid says:


now to point out the awesome flaw

what if

D assaulted A

who's at fault?

we know, as creators of this scenario, D is a jackass whole hump anything


RandomChick says:

Still both

Druid says:

but why A?

cause now we know that A's apparel had nothing to do with it?

RandomChick says:

She's naked! Duh she's at fault too

Druid says:

but we've already decided that this fellow would've assualted buurka lady

so regardless of what she was wearing

we know he would've hurt her

so she cant be at fault

cause whatever she was wearing he would've done it

RandomChick says:

Fine, if he's a jerk, he's a jerk, nothing much i can say

Druid says:

so its not her fault right?

cause he's a jerk

RandomChick says:

Lol, yes

Druid says:


so in real life

when things are not so clear

how do you decide who's to blame?

or rather

whats to blame

is it the woman and the temptation?

(needless to point out, every criminal would claim that was the cause)

or the fellow who commited to crime

the urge to commit crime?

RandomChick says:

Lol, in real life, not everyone's a jerk.. They usually need a lil, motivation? Lol

Druid says:

cant generalise like that, can you?

cause if that were true

no one in a buurka would get raped


RandomChick says:

Then D was a mental patient, and all 3 isn't at fault

Druid says:



you cant honestly say that every rape victim is at fault

thats like


cause people get raped even when they're decently dressed


RandomChick says:

Haha.. I gotta go to sleep.. We'll cont this tmr.. Gotta go out tmr.. If u can come, we could cont there? Haha

Druid says:

no no no

we'll never continue this then

come on, this is really important to me

incredibly important

i need an answer

RandomChick says:

Haha.. Fine, fine, u win.. We define our own levels, wtv they are.. Depends on the person

Druid says:

dont concede without meaning it

i dont want to hear i win

i want you to change

i want you to not think lowly of people who dress indecently

by YOUR standards

RandomChick says:

To what?

Druid says:

because you need to know that your standards may seem reasonable to you

but they're really not

they're just arbitrary, something you grew up with

and something you shouldnt be imposing on anyone else

cause one day when you grow up

you might find yourself in a position of power

then becuase you dont realise that standards are different

RandomChick says:

Lol! Ok fine

Druid says:

and because you dont see anything wrong in imposing your own standards on someone else

that someone else will suffer

which is frankly unforgivable

so there's no need to say i win, because i dont really care about winning

RandomChick says:

Ok ok

Druid says:

you get what i'm saying?

haha you dont see this side of me very much, do you?

RandomChick says:

Lol, i do.. Its just, i've adjusted to this way of thinking for so long, i found the need to defend it

Druid says:

dont dont dont

you might not think much of your opinions

but they matter

RandomChick says:

But haha, its a good side of u

Druid says:

you see, you talk to your friends

and every single one of them thats close minded

feels reassured if you agree with them

and its like a web

RandomChick says:


Druid says:

and you shouldnt underestimate that web

and in the end people suffer

i hope you're not agreeing wiht me for the sake of going to sleep

i'd really hate that

RandomChick says:

Lol, ok.. We'll cont this tmr! I needs sleep

Druid says:

and i hope the next time you and your friends see a girl in really tight clothes walking around

and someone in the group whispers, bitch

you'll say something

ok ok go sleep

but think about it "

And end!

Wasnt that long! But i really meant every word.